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NPP campaign team members outdoored

The New Patrotic Party in the Upper East Region has unveiled the party’s campaign team for election 2024.

The campaign team is made up forty (40) members selected across the fifteen constituencies of the region with a core mandate to help the party breaks “the 8” and to as well increase the number of Members of Parliament in the region. currently, out of the fifteen constituencies, the party lost 14 seats to the National Democratic Congress in the election 2020.

Hon Frederick Opare Ansah addressing party members.

Addressing the forty-member campaign team and some party members in Bolgatanga, the national campaign manager , who is also a former Member of Parliament for Suhum, Hon. Frederick Opare Ansah noted that he was in the region to inaugurate the official regional coordinating campaign team that has been tasked to lead the efforts of the New Patriotic Party electioneering campaign into the 2024 relative to the Upper East Region. He disclosed that the national campaign team of the party have demarcated the country into four parts and with four campaign teams.

Hon Frederick Opaare added that though the National Democratic Congress was the first to elect their presidential candidate, their candidate was not having a clear message for the people of Ghana until Dr Bawumia Mahamudu was elected on November 4, 2023. For him, NPP is more prepared for the election 2024 than the NDC became the New Patriotic Party by Sunday March 24, would been done with the formation of the full campaign team from regional level to constituency and to the electoral level.

“The party and national campaign team put together four different teams and divided the country into four, this team members headed by my good self and five other members we are to inaugurate the teams in the five Northern Regions.

Dr Bawumia, as we all elected as the Flagbearer on November 4th last year and since then he has given the major speech on the 7th February 2024 although the NDC had elected their own Flagbearer months before him, but it was clear that he didn’t have a clear vision for wanting to present himself as the president for the country”.

He tasked the regional campaign team to also take steps to inaugurate the constituency level campaign teams to the electoral area and to the polling station campaign teams which will be followed by training and strategies of the party.

According to Hon Frederick Opaare, the responsibility of the regional coordinating campaign team is to ensure the team builds a cohesion and unity among the people in the region, also to put all the requirement and needs of the constituencies to win so that they can communicate to them to release the needs and requirement to those constituencies and not what those in Accra would determine.

“The things that you are suppose to do as a team once you are put together, the first is to ensure that you are building cohesion and unity among the party in the region, it will be your responsibility of coordinating teams, that is what you are coordinating team for the campaign, ensure also that the needs and requirements of all the constituencies that fall within the region are properly determined. what do these constituencies needs to able to win the elections for us, and you would communicate properly to us in Accra so that, we make the determination of the kind of support we should deliver to the constituencies based on what the constituencies actually need, not what we sit in Accra and think that the constituencies should have. we should do things button up, feed us properly, the things the constituencies would need to win the seats for us, so that we can make those inputs correctly to support their efforts to win us those seats” Opaare noted.

Addressing the gathering, the regional chairman of the party, Lawyer Anthony Namoo, noted that for the first time, the eastern zone of the region which is the Bawku zone had 18 members making it to the campaign team list because the party usually have about 40% of the voting population coming from that area.

He noted that 13 members of the party are from Bolgatanga central zone also making it to regional campaign team zone, and the western zone had 9 members which clearly indicate that all the fifteen constituencies are fairly distributed.

Source: mywordfmonline.com/Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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