Upper East Gets New Police Commander, DCOP Dr. Sayibu Pabi.

New Upper East Regional Police Commander

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Dr. Sayibu Pabi Gariba has been appointed the regional police commander of the Upper East Region. He assumed the command of the regional police on Thursday, 11thjn march, 2021.
DCOP takes over the command of the region from his predecessor, DCOP Osei Kwaku Ampofo-Duku who proceeded to voluntary retirement on Thursday, 5th march, 2021.

DCOP Dr. Sayibu Pabi Gariba holds a number of high academic qualifications including Doctorate of social science, Master of Science(MSc) in policing and social conflicts, Degree in Human Resource Management .

Until his appointment to the Upper East Regional Police Command, DCOP Dr, Pabi was the director in charge of police operations at the police headquarters, Accra.
DCOP Pabi has also held many portfolios in the police service both in Ghana and abroad including , commandant, Ghana police and staff collage Winneba, deputy Upper West Regional commander, Second in command, Ghana police intelligence and professional stands bureau, national headquarters. police training officer, peace and security department of the African Union Commission., Adis-ababa.

DCOP Dr. pabi takes over the command of the Upper East region at a time when many districts of the 15 districts have been charactirised by frequent arm robbery attacks which sometimes have resulted in the death of victims.

The spate of arm robbery on the Bolga-Tamale high in way forced tomatoes traders and track drivers to declare a sit down strike after some members of their association got attacked and robbed of their monies with some loosing their their lives in the process.

The kasena Nankana municipal assembly and the Builsa north district assembly have also had their share of arm robbery attacks in the past three months. Businesses in the Kasena Nanka Municipality in particular has been disrupted with many closing closing their shops as early as 5pm for the fear of attacks by this robbers who are having a free day.

The frequent incidents of arm robbery in the region forced the inspector general of police to pay a working visit to the Upper East regional police command to have a first hand information of the robbery incidents in the region and to beef up the moral of the security personnel to protect the lives and properties of residents.

The police service at the direction of the IGP also adopted a strategy to assure tomatoes sellers and tract drivers their security by providing police escourt throughout their journey from the South through the North to Burkina Faso
The new police commander will be burdened with the responsibility of putting in place the necessary initiatives and strategies to combat the rising incidents of arm robbery and insecurity in many parts of the region.

By Simon Agana/mywordfmonline.com

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