Bolgatanga Bawku Road: Evaluation and plans are Far Advance For the Dualization of 2km Bolgatanga Township Section of Road.

The resident engineer for the Bolgatanga-Bawku-Pulmakom road project, Mr. Peter Dagadu, has disclosed that plans are far advanced to ensure the realization of the dualization of 2km of the 116km Bolgatanga-Bawku-Pulmakom road which starts from kilometer zero around the MTN main office through to the Ghana National Fire Service junction which ends after the “Kulaa” river.

Mr. Dagadu said a lot of work has been done on the properties on along the road for the necessary remedies including compensation “ evaluation has been done on properties along the road including buildings and structures that will be affected to compensate them to move them out of our way so that we can have the four-lane carriageway”.

The resident engineer added that there is a traffic light component attached to the dual carriageway, the reason the urban roads didn’t work on broken traffic light system on the stretch and the engineers shall test the pavement layer if the pavement can take traffic. He said if the existing pavement is not good after testing, a new pavement will be constructed.

Mr. Dagadu who made the disclosure in an interview with Word News said the project will see twin bridges with walkways on both bridges on the “Kulaa” river. He assured drivers and commuters plying the road that the construction of the new bridges will not cause traffic. He said the construction of the new bridges are expected to start in June, 2021.

Mr. Dagadu further explained that each bridge is expected to have two lanes, dual-carriage and walkways. He added that originally they were supposed to have started works on the bridges in December 2020 but because of some reasons beyond their control it was postponed to June, 2021.He stated that one kilometer of the Zebila township will be asphalted.

According to Mr. Dagadu, innovative measures have been put in place to construct a new big culvert in Kubore where the flood wasters from the spillage of the Bagre Dam coupled with torrential rains washed away in 2020

Mr. Peter Dagadu also hinted that based on the construction of the three big bridges as part of the project, they might complete the whole road construction within schedule but the contractor will be be giving additional 24 months to build the bridges. He added that works on the Pusiga-Pulmakom stretch of the road is progressing steadily, adding that the construction of that stretch is currently at bitumen level.

By:Gaspard Ayuureneeya/

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  1. This is good news. But they should focus on the quality of the road and bridges to be constructed .

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