Sirigu Naba Return Home to Jubilation, Drumming and Dancing After National House Of Chiefs Ruling.

The paramount chief of the Sirigu Traditional Area was given a heroic welcome amidst drumming and dancing and wild celebration to Sirigu after the National House of Chiefs upheld the ruling of the Upper East Regional house of chiefs and cleared him to reign over the Sirigu Traditional area.

The National House of Chiefs on 20th August, 2020 ruled that Naba Roland Akwara Atongumdeya III was rightfully enstooled and that he had been conferred with the power to rule.

Naba Roland Akwara was enskinned as the successor to the Sirigu stool on 20th July, 2015 at the traditional enskinment ground after going through the traditional process of selecting a chief.

The selection of the successor to the Sirigu skin was graced by the then president of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, Naba Sigri Bawong, the paramount chief of sakoti, the District Chief Executive, and other notable stakeholders in the Sirigu Traditional area and the Upper East region.

The selection of Naba Roland Atogumdeya Akwara III was however resisted by Akumperege Clan and refused to take part in the enskinnment process.

The Akunperege Clan kicked against the use of the traditional system to select the chief where sooth Saying is involved in the selection of the successor to the throne after consultations with the gods s.

They wanted the Electoral College system where representative voted to select their chiefs to be used instead.

The Akunperege Clan petitioned the Upper East Regional House of chiefs but the judicial council ruled that Naba Akwara was rightfully selected as a successor to the Sirigu throne.

Not satisfied with the ruling of the Upper East Regional house of chiefs, the Akunperege Clan appealed the ruling of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs at the National House of Chiefs.

The case has since been at the national house of chiefs from 2018.

The house of chiefs in Kumasi ruled on 20th August in favour of the Apoko Clan, upholding the previous ruling of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs.

The secretary to the chief, Mr. Akurugu Eden said the ruling of the National House of Chiefs has brought joy to the people of Sirigu .” this ruling is a testament to the will of the  gods. You can see how the people are jubilating and the crowed. It shows that this is the person that the people want.”

Mr. Akurugu said Naba Roland is a unifier and will do everything it takes to bring the two gates together to Forster the development of the traditional area

In an exclusive interview with Simon Agana of Word FM, at the Sirigu Naba’s palace, Naba Roland Atogumdeya III whose skin name is Bugum Zoti Ko’om Samiisiga Maale Tinga said

“I returned home from Kumasi with my people. I went to the house of chief with everyone from Sirigu.  And we all went for the resolution of this chieftaincy issue. I want everyone to know that the victory is not for me. It is the victory of the people of Sirigu.

I want everyone who either supported me or not to bury their difference and build a unified front in this traditional area.”

Naba Akwara said he was cleared to come back and rule the people of Sirigu not a section of Sirigu. He advised the youth and elders of the traditional area to forge forward for the growth and development of the area.

“When I was asked by the house of chiefs to charge those who petitioned the house for damages, I refused to charge them. I said they are my people, my children and everything they did was in the interest of the skin because we are all one and I did that for the unity of the area.”

Asked how he will bring everybody on board to form a unified force, Naba Akwara said there are many things that have to be done and he will advise the youth and the community to support him to carry the community.

“if the youth and the people of Sirigu will support me, I will not use my power but with wisdom and support of the gods and our ancestors, this Community will see a great change in the next 10 years.”

Naba Roland Atogumdeya Akwara III was met at the Kandiga Junction and taken through major streets of the traditional area amidst wild celebrations and display of culture.

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  1. To God be the glory.
    May you reign forever oh King!
    No body can manipulate the will of the Almighty God no matter the circumstance.
    We Love you.

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