Bongo: Shrine strikes grave-digging fetish priest to death

A local fetish priest at Bongo Soe, a suburb of the Bongo district in the Upper East Region has been strike dead by community shrine.

The 35-year-old incured the wrath of the shrine when he went into the community graveyard and stole human bones.

Human bones in a bag were found in the fetish priest’s room.

Ayinedanaba Alangba allegedly fled the community when his act was reported to the Bongo police command.

Speaking exclusively to Word News, Daniel Awuure the Assembly member for the Bongo-Soe-Awukabiisi electoral area revealed that the fetish priest who is known locally as ‘Full Copper’ denied breaking into graves to steal human bones even when the case was reported to Bongo police.

Hon Daniel Awuure assembly member for Bongo-Soe electoral area .

Members of the community took the matter to the Tindana (Land owner) of Bongo Soe and pleaded with him to invoke the shrine to strike the digger of the graves once the accused fetish priest and his family vehemently denied the allegations.
In a video in the custody of Word News revealed that the said grave was left open with some money mix with coolant , millet, cowdice and some very highly concentrated substances and empty bottles.
Barely 72 hours after the Tindana performed rituals asking the community shrine to produce and strike the perpetrators, the accused fetish priest mysteriously died.

Fetish priest activities before removing human bones from the grave.

Hon Daniel Awuure bemoaned the increasing number of youth in the area who want to get rich quick through all manner of means thus making the Bongo Soe community unpopular in the Bongo district .

Source: Ayuureneeya

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