Hon. Sampson Tangombu Chiraga Congractulates Hon Simon Aworigo, Promises to Support Retain Navrongo Seat.

The Member of Parliament for the Navrongo Central Constituency, Hon Sampson Tangombu Chiraga has congractulated the newly elected parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress in the

I wish to congratulate my brother Hon Simon Aworigo on his election as the 2024 Parliamentary Candidate for Navrongo Central Constituency!

I pledge my unflinching support to Hon Simon Aworigo and urge all my supporters to support him unconditionally.

As we prepare for the 2024 general election, I will continue to support the constituency executive, the parliamentary candidate to ensure that we retain the seat in the 2024 general election.

Because, we cannot afford to give the seat back to the NPP and Hon Simon Aworigo cannot do it alone.

To my teaming supporters, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the love you have shown me throughout this election process!

To my other colleagues who couldn’t equally make it into the office, congratulations, I indulge you to let’s all support Hon Simon Aworigo to retain the seat for the NDC in the 2024 general election!

Once again, congratulations Hon Simon Aworigo on your election, we shall work together to win the seat again, and an overwhelming endorsement for H.E John Dramani Mahama in the 2024 general election, to form government in 2025.

Long live Navrongo Central NDC!

Long live NDC!

Hon Sampson Tangombu Chiragia
MP Navrongo Central!

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