Ghana CSOs Platform on the SDGs Has Trained Journalists on the Citizens Generated Data (CGD) Apps.

The Ghana CSOs Platform on the Sustainable Development Goals has organised a 1-day training on the Citizens Generated Data (CGD) Apps for 30 slected journalists from 30 Metropolitan, Municipaland District Assemblies across Ghana in Kumasi.

The Ghana Statistical Service has
developed an application to increase citizens reporting on Sexual and Gender Based
Violence (SGBV) and sanitations issues in 30 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies across the 16 Regions.

“The purpose of the training is to build capacity of media personnel on the CGD Apps (Let’s Talk and CleanApp Ghana) to support sensitization and reporting of issues on Gender Based Violence and Sanitation in 30 selected districts.”

The Let’s Talk App, is a software application that has been developed to help victims or witnesses of alleged gender based violence to freely report to the appropriate authorities without the everyday institutional bureaucracies. An individual can download the app on playstore for free.

For those who do not have android devices or have network challenges, one can dial the short code x8800x818# and follow the prompts to report any incident and the appropriateauthorities will follow up on it..

The other application that has been developed is the ClearnApp Ghana, which enables citizens to report any incident of uncollected refuse or Sanitation issues at any place for the appropriate action to be taken. Just like the Lets Talk App, those without android phones can dial the short code x920x58# to report any incident of Sanitation problems in their community.

The two applications are currently being piloted in the 30 MMDs across the country. In the Upper Upper East Region, the Apps are being implemented in three districts, Bolga East, Kassena Nankana East and the Bongo Districts.

The CSOs Platform on the SDGs has encouraged citizens in the beneficiary districts to make use of the two applications by downloading them and using them to report Gender Based Violence issues and Sanitation issues.

By: Simon Agana Blessing/

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