Dag Nerawoo Nde Guy, Se’em Nzunge Anenga Dage Guy: Bongo Delegates to Edward Bawa.

For the third time, the Member of Parliament for the Bongo Constituency, Hon. Edward Bawa, had to again face stiff competition from key aspirants ,Prof. Avea Nsoh and Lawyer Charles Bawa-Duah, who again offered themselves to resttle the Bongo parliamentary seat from him to represent the people of the Bongo Constituency.

Hon. Edward Abanbire Bawa succeeded the former and longest serving Member of Parliament, Hon Albert Abongo , and has represented the people of Bongo for three consecutive terms and was vying to go to parlaiment for the fourth consecutive time, however, he failed this time around to convince the delegates of the NDC to employ him to work for them.

On Saturday 13th May, 2023, Hon. Edward Abanbire Bawa lost the trust of the delegates of the National Democratic Congress as he got defeated by one of his long time competitor, Hon. Charles Bawa-Dua was contesting for the primaries for the third time.

Hon. Edward Bawa pulled 509 votes to loose the trust of the delegates of the NDC to represent them in the 2024 general election to Hon. Charles Bawa-Duah who pulled 535 votes to win the sole slot of the NDC to to contest the 2024 general elections as the parliamentary candidate of the NDC.

With wild jubilation from members of the NDC and delegates which was almost spontaneous across the constituency after the declaration of the winner of the NDC Parliamentary primaries by the Electoral Commission, the people explained why they voted Hon. Edward Bawa out, through music with the aid of the two string guitar.

They among other reasons, accused the MP of not developing the constituency, “eating alone”, failing to redeem his promises, not staying in the constituency, always frowning his face, not picking their calls, among others.

“Hum ma’a nditi, hu dag guy(you eat a lone, you are not a guy), se’em nmaale tinga nde guy (the one who develops the constituency is the guy), Hu kakuli yire, hu dage guy (you don’t come home, you are not a guy), promise and fail, hu dag guy (promise and failed, you are not a guy), se’em nzunge anenga, dage guy (if you frown your face, you are not a guy.)

By: Simon Agana Blessing/mywordfmonline.com

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