UE/R : Talensi Mining Community Initiative praises Namoalug Chief.

Namoalug Naab ,Naab Kolsong Na-laam Nyuureb

Talensi Mining Community Initiative (TAMCI), an association of youth base in the Talensi district of the Upper East Region has extended an appreciation to the chief of Namoalug for accepting them after the paramount chief of Tongo, the Tongraan allegedly instructed the chief of Sheaga to stop them from hosting their maiden program. The group,  according to reports  were  denied a place within the Sheaga traditonal area to host its maiden program.

Tongraan Kugbilsong Nanlebetang Paramount Chief of Tongo

The Namoalug chief however accepted the group and offered them hosting space for their program in his traditional area.

Executives of Talensi Mining Community Initiative TAMCI with Namoalug Chief, Naab Kolsong Na-Laam Nyuureb

According to Gilbert Landolba, the general secretary to the Talensi Mining Community Initiative, they met the secretary to Tongoraan at the Talensi district Assembly and asked him to assist them to get in touch with the Tongorana, Kulbilsong Namaltinga, but he, the secretary, Sunday Richard Yinbil failed to officially introduce them the traditional ruler per custom.

Mr. Gilbert Landolba General Secretary TAMCI

The Tongoraga subsequently ordered that the program be cancelled  or be held outside the Sheaga jurisdiction.

Organisers of the event who expressed their displeasure of the Tongorana’s order upon rendering an apology have to fall on the chief of Namoalug

Speaking at the program,  Chief of Namoalug, Naab Kolsong Na-laam Nyuureb, cautioned the Talensi Mining Community Initiative TAMCI to be measured relative to the aims and objectives of the association.

He called on the youth to concentrate on building a strong unity of purpose. This he noted is the surest way to fight against injustice in the Talensi traditional area. He caution the youth against corruption.

“It is the same thing with we the chiefs, there are some chiefs who cannot afford five hundred Ghana cedis to fuel their cars. Do you think if Earl International (a Chinese owned mining company in Talensi) calls them for a meeting and gives a chief GH¢500.00 to fuel his car and you think  that same chief will want to for go his five hundred Ghana cedis and attend your meeting and support you to fight against the same people who have been fuelling his car?.

So what I want to tell you is that, nobody outside will come and fight for the right thing to be done for you people, if you fail to rise  and fight it yourself “

Source: mywordfmonline.com/ Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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