Cherry Azanlerigu Mboma Absorbs Officiating Fees Of The Kassena Nankana Municipal and Kassena Nankana West District Juvenile U17 League.

Mr. Cherry Azanlerigu Mboma porpularly, popularly Known as “Town Puller”, has paid the Officiating fees of the Kassena Nankana Municipal and the Kassena Nankana West District U17 Juvenile Football league, for the second round as the league nears completion.

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Mboma City who is credited with the formation of the first formidable Juvenile club in the Kassena Nankana Municipality, saw the need to offer such gesture to the KNMFA/KNWFA to fast truck the free flow of the game where the young ones are given the platform to exhibit their God given talents.

As the Juvenile U17 leagues progresses, the participating clubs were asked to pay officiating fees for the handlers to use it to feed the “catch them young” Referees officiating the games. .

Aside paying for the officiating fees, Mboma has also donated twenty (20) pairs of shin guards to the KNMFA/KNWFA to be used as awards for the Man of the Match for every match from the first round and the second round.

With such gesture, Mboma believes it will help encourage the young footballers to play their hearts out to showcase their talents.

After week 6, Mboma city lead the league log with 15 points with a 100% record and yet to concede a goal, they are followed closely by Young Afeni fc with 12 points.

In week 7 this weekend, Mboma City will face Young Afeni fc which is the top of the table clash.

Cherry Azanlerigu Mboma has demonstrated that he has the love for Juvenile football in Kassena Nankana Municipal, Upper East Region and Ghana as a whole.

By:Aduko Cletus Akosah/

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