The Happening in Bawku is No Longer Conflict, Politics Has Adopted it Chiana Pio

President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs – PE Ditundini Adiali Ayagitam III, has bemoaned the recent unrest In Bawku which has led to loss of lives and properties as he described it as a political exploitation and not a chieftaincy conflict as widely reported.

“As I have noted earlier, the conflict is not persisting as a result of the much-publicised chieftaincy dispute. This has been settled by the courts of the land and it is clear in my mind that politicking has adopted the conflict as a baby and nursing it for selfish and parochial interests. We cannot continue to countenance the activities of criminals and miscreants in political paraphernalia.

The president of the Upper East Regional House Chiefs PE Ditundini Adiali Ayagitam III

We, in the Regional House of Chiefs wish to urge the security agencies to do the needful by identifying and arresting the perpetrators and bringing them to speedy prosecution. In this way, we will be weeding out all undesirables in the conflict zone”.

The paramount chief of the Chiana Traditional area noted that the Kusaug Kingdom has chalked a lot of success since 1988, but conflict has thrown the success process in the area into disarray and should be stop flogging the institution of Chieftaincy for its continual existence because   Bawku is losing its fast-growing status and that all must be ashamed.


PE Ayagitam dancing to the beat of his drummers .


He noted that the Upper East Regional of House Chiefs will look into the innocent killings in Bawku “The conflict in my view needs to be dealt with utmost rapidity and seriousness. We are in a desperate situation and we need desperate measures to handle the canker. I recommend to all Chiefs and most especially the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs from hence to place this concern and grave issue high in our deliberations until there is lasting peace in Bawku. We can’t continue as a Region and a Regional House of Chiefs sit aloof and watch over unjust killing of people in the name of Chieftaincy” Ayuureneeya






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