Bawku Conflict Affecting us; Govt Will Bear Additional Cost- Contractor

Constructors working on the Bolgatanga-Bawku road have expressed fears that the disturbances in the Bawku town will negatively affect its work as more working hours will be lost to the imposed curfew.

Works on the Kulaa bridge progressing steadily

According to the resident constructor, Chief Peter Dagadu workers have to close early to avoid the hard-imposed curfew. This he noted will short chain the firm of productive working hours and by extension prolong the scheduled completion. “With this curfew, the contractor will have to work from 8am and to stop at least two to hours before 6pm. so you and I know that he is doing shorter period and if this continues, it will affect the whole project. we are just praying that things normalized. on normal times, the contractor works from 8am at times up to  6pm , there are times that we’ve done bitumen work at night, imagine we are doing bitumen works in the night then all of the sudden you hear gunshots, you and I can’t protect anything, so let’s pray that whatever is happening in Bawku will come down and then  we shall revert back to normal working hours “.

Chief Peter Dagadu hinted that government will have to pay extra money to the constructor if the conflict continues to deny them more productive hours. “if the conflict causes a delay, government will have to look for additional money to continue because the contractor will be spending money on the project. what this means is that the initial cost of the project will go up “ Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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