127 Ministers was a Cabal to Drink Tea:NDC Communicator.

The constituency Communication officer of the NDC in the Bongo constituency, Mr. Asanga David, has chided the president’s creation of 127 ministries and described it as a cabal that was assembled to drink tea.

Speaking as a panel on the community watch show on Word Fm, Mr. Asanga said the creation of most ministries was a waste and a wantom dissipation of public funds. He said all the ministries were nothing but a waste of money.

“i said it is a clear case of wasting our resources. Look, the minister in charge of special initiative, what work did she do? was that not a wasteful venture? they constructed dugouts that served no purpose”

Citing some of the ministries to back his submission, Mr Asanga said he wondered why a whole ministry was created just to create regions which could have been done under an agency of a different ministry.

” we shouted that the creation of some ministries was irrelevant but they wouldn’t listen. why will they create a ministry for the creation of new regions, only six of them, when we have a ministry in charge of Rural Development who can equally do that. Two, creation of a ministry in charge of Zongo Development Fund. So you just create a ministry in charge of a fund? instead of an agency? this is clear wastefulness”

Mr Asanga David said the creation of the over 100 ministries was just to create jobs for boys and peopl they had promised jobs.
“Akuffo Addo simply wanted his people to come and feast with him and brouhgt his surrogates and people of like minds and that was what they simply did.”

Mr. Asanga wondered why Hon.Dan Botwe was still left in office drawing salaries and taking free fuel after it had finished the creation of the regions.
“over 120 ministers was a cabal to drink tea and that is why most of their ministers fell flat because they were just doing nothing. This particular government is a complete failure.

Mr Khan, the Upper East Regional corridor of NABCO, who was part of the program indicated that a lot of factors are reasons for the reduction in the ministries including the number of members of parliament and the fulfilment of some promises.

” the reduction in the number of our members of parliament and the constitutional demand that 50% of be appointed from parliament and the execution of some government promises for which ministries were created as special purpose vehicles are some reasons why government will beat down the number of ministries”

Khan said ‘ministrries like the Zongo ministry and the Ministry of Regional reorganisation has finisned with the creation of regions and so that ministry will have no business been there. Same with the ministry of Zongo and inner city.”

Word Fm has picked information from the corridors of power that President Akuffo Addo will reduce the number of ministries from a record 127 to below 90 ministries in its next government.
The president has meanwhile made its first appoinments at the office of the president.

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