DVLA has Threatened to have the Police Arrest People Who Pay Monies to Middlemen Popularly Known as ‘Goro Boys’.

The Upper East regional Manager of the DVLA Mr. Muntawakil Abdulai has threatened arrest and prosecute persons who engage the services of unrecognised persons otherwise known as ‘Goro Boys’ in the registration or lincensing of their vehicles other than the cashier’s.

Mr. Muntawakil said the company has taken steps to purge itself off the corruption tag which in many occasions are not true.

The regional manager said many people often pay monies to wrong people seen within their vicinity and end up accusing the company of extorting or charging unapproved charges.

“ This year anyone that comes to my office to complain of paying illigal fees will be attended to by myself and I will make sure that the right amount of money is paid for our services. However, if I get to realize that the monies were not paid to the right person which is the Cashier, I will hand such a person to the police.”

Mr. Muntaka said such persons do the wrong thing but turn around to tarnish the image of the company and its staff with accusations of corruption.

“Simon, we will not allow that this time around. The only rightfully place to receive your money is the Cashier. So if you come here and pay higher fees to someone other than the cashier’s, then you shouldn’t complain. Just go home. If you complain and I hear, we will let the police put you in handcuffs. We will not allow that”

The Manager urged the public to report to his office any act of extorting and that staff will be dealt with.

He advised the public to demand for receipt for any payment they make to the authority for any service they rendered.
‘’Any payment you make to the Cashier, insist that they give you receipt that cover the amount you paid.”

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana is the government agency responsible for the licensing and evaluation of drivers and cars in Ghana. ‘’

This mandate has often been abused by middlemen who charge extra cost to frustrated customers who are often in long queues for days.
But, the director says the usual long queues has become a thing of the past because the DVLA has beefed- up its capacity to deal with the numbers with the introduction of the online application via the government’s digitalization drive.
‘’ We have the capacity to register 10000 motorcycle each day and there is no need for worries.
It said the digitization is part of the DVLA’s long-term plan to secure the entire vehicle registration regime in the country and ensure that it meets acceptable standards.

‘’We are in the process of acquiring biometric verification machines to secure all registered motors’’

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