UE/R: Bolgatanga Traditional Council stops Damba festival

Naba Patrick Asaliya acting president of the Bolgatanga Traditional Council .

The Bolgatanga Traditional council has taken steps to stop what it described as a provocative Damba festival by the Mamprusi community in the Upper East Region town of Bolgatanga. The council in a letter instructed the planning committee of the festival to stop all activities relative to the festival.

Acting president of the Bolgatanga Traditional council, Naba Patrick Asaliya informed the organisers of the Damba festival that in as much as there is a Nayiri-triggered pending chieftaincy legal tussle relative to who traditionally owns Bolga, the celebration of the festival by the Mamprusi community in Bolga will provoke insecurity, hence the council’s resistance.

Below is the full statement



In case of reply the Number and date of this Letter should be

Post Office Box 205

Bolgatanga, U/E

Our Ref :BTC/


Your Ref. No


The Chairman

Mamprugu Youth Association Bolga Chapter

Dear Sir,


It has come to our notice that your Association is planning on holding a Damba Festival on the 9th of December at Mobil Park, Bolgatanga. We reference your meetings with the Community Elders of Dagmeo and your attached letter.

In as much as the Bolgatanga Traditional Council is not opposed to cultural celebrations, and cultural integration, we are of the view that this will not be an appropriate time to perform such a Festival in Bolgatanga.

We must point out to you that there is currently a Chieftaincy dispute in Bolgatanga in which the Paramount Chief of Nalerigu has initiated in Court, claiming suzerainty over Bolgatanga.

Since the matter is yet to be determined, it would be highly provocative to say the least for your Association to consider holding a Festival in Bolgatanga at this time.

In the circumstances, we will not condone your intentions and strongly advise against it.

Yours sincerely

Naba Patrick Asaliya Yarigabisi Chief (Acting President)

Source: mywordfmonline.com/Gaspard Ayuureneeya

Below is the letter signed by the chief of Yarigabisi.

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