High Cost of Production Forced Me Out of Business- Young Entrepreneur 

After few months of closure, the manager of the one time popular and preferred breakfast joint in the Bolgatanga municipality in the  Upper East Region, Bulika Koko has cleared the air on what caused the closure of the company after barely eight months of operations.

Mr. Agana took to his social media handle, Facebook to celebrate the one year anniversary of Bulika Koko and to explain why he shut down the business.

“I saw a niche which I tried to close and that birthed  Bulika Koko on 23rd July, 2021. It soon became a household name that attracted great patronage from residents and visitors. Every media guy owned Bulika Koko and sold it on every platform. It was even difficult to identify the owner of the business.”

The young entrepreneur who said he started his business with his entire savings, explained  that the persistent hikes in the prices of food stuffs forced him to shut down the business.

“Though I did my best, I had to close the business because of the persistent hikes in the prices of food stuffs. At a point, it cost me Gh16.00 to produce one pack of breakfast which I sold at Gh8.00. I was basically running at a loss. “

Explaining the inspiration for the establishment of Bulika Koko on the Word Community Watch Show on Monday 25thJuly 2022 , Mr. Simon Agana Blessing Said he identified a gap in the breakfast industry in 2014, where no one provided a one stop breakfast joint ,a gap he decided to close but was initially discouraged by some female friends who laughed at the idea which caused him to shelve the idea.

Bulika Koko

Business Idea: The idea of Bulika Koko was conceived in 2014 with the aim of providing healthy and well-balanced breakfast to people in the Bolgatanga township. I was discouraged by some female friends who laughed at the idea of a man selling Koko, forcing me to shelve the idea at that time.”

The young entrepreneur who has seen his dream realised, said the business idea resurfaced in 2021 which made him to establish “bulika Koko”

“However, in 2021, the idea came back stronger. I observed that there was no place in the region and beyond that provided breakfast varieties at one point where customers could go and have everything breakfast. I therefore decided to close that gap by establishing a one stop breakfast joint where customers can go and have whatever breakfast choice they want, from Tombrown, Red and white Millet koko, OAT, Milo, Lipton, honey all went with freshly made Koose or toasted bread.

He said another inspiration for the establishment of Bulika Koko was that he observed most people were discouraged from patronising koko because it is mostly sold at unhygienic environments .

Packs of Bulika Koko

“Another niche that I saw that needed to be addressed was that, most koko joints were served in the open without proper hygienic environment which basically discouraged many people from patronising them.

“So, I established Bulika Koko solely to address these gaps.”

Mr. Simon Agana has however assured his customers and well wishes of a possible return of Bulika Koko.

“ Though we are down at the moment, I can promise you that we are not out. Bulika KoKo will be back sooner than expected.”

Mr. Simon Agana Blessing Azongo, is a professional teacher and a holder of Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology, and Diploma in Business Studies in Secretariatship.   He is also a practicing Journalist and morning show Host on Word FM in Bolga East.

Source: mywordfmonline.com/Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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