Baapelug Primary and JHS to Run Morning and Afternoon school After the Talensi District Assembly failed to reroof the school.

The Baapelug Primary and Junior High School in the Talensi district of the Upper East Region will from today, Monday 26th,July,2021 run a morning and afternoon school system formerly called shift system to enable students have their studies .

The initiative is in response to the lack of adequate classroom blocks to accommodate the over 76 students of the Junior High School which was roofed of in 2020.

The school was partially roofed off by rainstorm during last year’s raining season. The incident was reported to the education directorate and the district assembly for immediate solution to enable the students sit in Their classrooms for studies.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Jacob Yin in an interview with Simon Agana on Word FM in Bolgatanga told the host that the assembly came to the school and took off the roof completely with the promise to re-roof it completely but has since only kept wood on the building without roofing sheets.

“ last year September, I got there and the school was roofed off so the assembly came to roof it but they have not done that yet.”

When asked how the students are taking their studies, Mr. Yin had this to say

“ they come and sit under the trees around and when the sun is heating up, they go home.

The teachers also only come to write their names and go home.”

Mr. Yin Jacob disclosed that some measures have been put in place to make sure that the JHS students have their studies especially the 3rd years who will be taking their final exams in three months time..

He said they have planned to run a shift system in consultation with the Circuit supervisor and the district director of education.

“ for now we want to run a shift system. The primary will come in the morning and close by noon so that the JHS students will take over”

He also disclosed that the students have not had classes for the past three weeks due to the lack of classrooms to sit in.

By Simon Agana/

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