I Will Sue Anyone Who Still Associate Me with the PNC – Thomas Akurugu

The 2016 parliamentary candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Mr. Thomas Akurugu has threatened to sue anyone who associate him with his former the party, the PNC.

Mr. Akurugu pulled over 7000 votes to place third after Rex Asanga and the current member of parliament for the Bolga Central Constituency, Hon. Isaac Adongo in the 2016 general elections on the ticket of the PNC.

Mr. Thomas Akurugu on Sunday, 1st October,2020 officially announced his defection to the National Democratic Congress, NDC at a rally ground in Sumbrungu, a suburb of the Bolgatanga Municipality.

Mr. Akurugu said after thorough consideration after the 2016 elections, he found the NDC to be the best party that meet his interest and therefore decided to join them in 2o17.

“In 2017 after the 2016 elections where I pulled over 7000 votes, I decided to join the NDC because I believe in their ideologies. I joined the party in 2017 and worked underground till now toward the victory of John Dramani Mahama.”

Mr. Akurugu disclosed that he was defecting to the NDC with about 150 supporters who campaigned and helped him during the 2016 elections.

“I am joining the NDC to work for victory for John Dramani Mahama but I’m not coming alone. I’m coming to the NDC with about 150 supporters of mine who helped me in 2016. That is not all, more will come and add to the number and I expect to bring majority of the over 7000 who voted for me to vote for the NDC”

Speaking on the Word Community Watch Show on Word Fm with Simon Agana, Mr. Thomas Akurugu said he has left the PNC for good and is now a full NDC member.

When asked of his reaction if people still associate him with the PNC, Mr. Akurugu said he will sue such persons

“I don’t hate the PNC and I still have very good friends in that party. I’m now a full NDC member and will never look back. I will sue anyone who henceforth try to still associate me with the PNC”

It is expected that Thomas Akurugu will cause a lot of problems for the electoral fortunes of Hon. Rex Asanga, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Bolga Central Constituency. Both Rex Asanga and Thomas Akurugu are from the same Community, Sumbrungu.

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