Bolgatanga East: Albert Agana Akugre Confirmed as new DCE

Mr Albert Agana aAkugre  DCE confirmed for Bolgatanga East

“I reaffirm my unwavering commitment to serving the people of Bolgatanga East District with humility, integrity, and compassion. Together, let us embark on this journey of transformation and progress, united in our pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future for all”.

The words of the newly endorsed district chief executive for Bolgatanga East, Agana Akugre.

Hon Albert Agana Akugre DCE  and Mr Norbert Akoriga Akolgo PM in smock .

After his awe-inspiring endorsement, Mr. Akugre thanked the president for his appointment. He was full of joy for the endorsement and pleaded with the assembly members, traditional leaders, as well all stakeholders for their full support to enable him carryout the development agenda of the district.

“I do in the name of the Almighty God and in the Spirit of Service to country and Community accept wholeheartedly the responsibility bestowed upon me. Let me state that, the position of District Chief Executive comes with lots of commitment to service. This, I can never achieve without the support, co-operation and collaboration of key stakeholders within and without the District.

I will require the support and cooperation of all, especially our Revered Traditional Authorities, Hon. Member of Parliament, Hon. Assembly Members, Sons and Daughters of the District, the Youth, Security Agencies and Opinion Leaders, as I pursue the development agenda of the government for the good people of the Bolgatanga East District”.

Infrastructure development, provision of healthcare, enhancement of education and economic empowerment, he noted will be his main priorities. Though his office is not obstacle-less, he believe with unity of purpose, resilience, and innovation, he can surmount any obstacle and realize the shared vision of a vibrant and thriving district.

 Before his nomination, Mr. Akugre was a former assembly member for Zonno electoral area, former electoral area coordinator, former elections and research officer for the constituency and the current first vice chairman of the constituency.   

Mr Norbert Akoriga Akolgo presiding member elect.

Mr Albert Agana Akugre was confirmed together with Mr Norbert Akoriga Akolgo Kantia electoral area assemblyman as the presiding member of the Bolgatanga East District.

The President of the Republic of Ghana in accordance with Article 243 (1) of the Constitution and Section 20 (1) of the Local Governance Act, 936 of 2016 nominated Mr. Agana Albert Akugre for the position of District Chief Executive for the Bolgatanga East District Assembly.      

Source : /Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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