Bolga East: DCE Commissions Moshie Maternity Block and Two Other Schools.

Mr David Amoah DCE Bolgatanga East handing over the maternity block to the chief Moshie

The Bolgatanga East District Chief Executive, Mr. David Amoah together with some officials from the National Development Authority on Monday 30th January 2023 handed over a maternity block build by the assembly. The two basic schools which were also completed in the early part of 2022 by the Northern Development Authority under the one constituency one million dollars project was also handed-over.

Dubila JHS Block

Speaking to the media at the handing over ceremony, Mr. David Amoah told pressmen that the entire cost of the maternity block costed 418,024 Ghana Cedis. out of the total cost, 62,192 went into the mechanized borehole and the entire maternity project with other auxiliaries costing 355,832 Ghana cedis.

Moshie Maternity Block

“These projects has been so dear to my heart. I have been working hard with the contractors, going round with the contractors to supervise to make sure that they complete within time and with quality handling to the two communities today, is very wonderful for me and I know these ones will go a long way to improve the health and education in the area because these little ones need a good place and deserve a better place and you can see that the design is good and the quality of work has been superb. so I am very proud today to hand over to these two communities; Dubila and Moshies”. Mr. David Amoah noted.

Moshie Kindergarten Block.

Dr. Emmanuel Abeere-Inga, the Director of Infrastructure, land and environment and natural resources at the National Development Authority (NDA), explained that the completed ultra-modern Kindergarten block which was built by D.A Ayamga Construction firm at Zuarungu Moshie cost 287,000 Ghana cedis while the three units JHS block at Dubila commucity was also built by Apasiyuure construction firm for 450,001 Ghana cedis.

DR. Emmanuel Abeere-inga

Mr. Thomas Adiyure Azuliya, a deputy director at the Bolgatanga East District Ededucation directorate expressed his sincere gratitude to the Northern Development Authority for giving them the two edifices for pupils of Moshie Kindergarten pupils and students of Dubila JHS for effective academic work.

Mr Thomas Adiyure Azuliya deputy of education Bolgatanga GES handing over the school to Moshie Chief .

He however pleaded with the Northern Development Authority to execute similar projects that have been stalled in the district for affecting academic works. He told word news that children of Kantia JHS have been sitting under trees because the NDA JHS block project has been abandoned as well as the Dulugu Kindergarten block.

“We want to appeal the to assembly through the Northern Development Authority that there are others projects that has been started by the NDA, in fact it was started by the same NDA , in fact, they started at the same time as these same projects, but some of them are still at the foundation level, that is bringing about a lot of frustration to us because if you go to a place like Kantia, the students at the JHS level are still learning under trees, they attempted taking the Kindergarten block, they have to also fight back, so virtually they don’t have any place to learn, if you go to Dulugu kindergarten it is a similar situation”.

Mr Lawal Alhassan district director of GHS Bolgatanga handing over the facility to the chief of Moshie

Mr. Lawal Alhassan the district director of health services also expressed joy over the new edifice, adding that the facility is not only going to be used as a maternity block only because they are thinking of adding a laboratory office and other important areas into the facility to facilitate effective health delivery because the facility is located at a strategic area which borders the Bongo and the Nabdam district.

Source: Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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