Walkway to be constructed soon at Vea Dam.

The long-awaited construction of a walkway at the Vea Irrigation Dam in the Bongo District will start soon, Word News has learned.
The project has become necessary as excess water from the dam has continued to render the main road and the communities around the dam inaccessible particularly during the rainy season. The perennial overflowing from the bank of the dam has affected social-economic activities in the surrounding areas for many years.
Per a contract document sighted by Word News, the project, which has been awarded to Messrs. Shenash Ltd, comes with an additional construction of a 9.30km road between Zaare and Vea and will cost Gh¢11, 558, 104.00 (Eleven million, five hundred and fifty-eight thousand, one hundred four Ghana cedis).
The contractor is expected to complete the project in 12 months. The Upper East Regional Manager of the Department of Feeder Roads, Bruku Boateng, told Word News the construction would begin soon.
“The contractor was supposed to have reported last year but could not due to the 2020 elections. Most contractors are usually a bit skeptical about the outcome of general elections and so would want the elections to be over before they start of work.
“I’m in talks with the contractor. Maybe a maximum of two weeks starting from today March 16, 2021, they will see action on the road. Like I said, there is a collapsed structure. He needs to get that structure out and reconstruct a new one and fill it so that portion of the road would be motorable,” Mr Boateng said.
The interim District Chief Executive (DCE) of Bongo, Peter Ayimbisa Ayamga, stated that: “If finally the Bongo Vea Dam spillway walkway is fixed, it will do away with the annual affair in which during the rainy season it becomes difficult for people to cross from Vea to Gowrie and vice versa. Sometimes, our traders are not able to cross. Farmers are not able to cross. Teachers, health workers, almost every person is unable to cross. Sitting inside the canoe is risky and it is also expensive to spend Gh¢5 daily crossing the water by canoe.”
He added that: “It will reduce pressure on government and on the local assembly. It will boost economic activities within the communities and I believe that will open up the district so that people who hitherto used to travel a very long route will resort to that one because if you are coming from Namoo area you can cut through Balungu, Lungo, Vea and you can cross to Nyariga or Gowrie straightaway. But before, people from Namoo area would have to go through Zorko, go through Nyariga and that is a very lengthy switch. So a lot of benefits and support will come to our district.”

Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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