Concern Yourself with the Military Invasion of the Chamber of Parliament and the Ballot Snatching by Carlos Ahenkora and Leave Sammy Gyamfi Alone:

Osei Kyei Mensa Bonsu- Majority Leader of Parliament

The sixteen Regional Communication Officers of the National Democratic Congress have cautioned the Majority leader of the parliament of Ghana to mind his own business and leave the National Communication Officer Alone.

The caution by the officers to the leader of parliamentary business comes at the back of media reports that attributes some comments made on Kumasi based Hello Fm in Kumasi to the Majority leader in which he is alleged to have said that, “the leadership of parliament will meet to decide on what to do with Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi” over comments he made about the minority caucus in parliament after they passed three ministerial nominees .

According to him, Sammy Gyamfi crossed the line with his abuse of the NDC MPs and the Speaker, Alban Bagbin.

“If you do something that brings disgrace to any of the senior figures in parliament, it does not bode well for the house. Someone will say it’s an internal party issue, but though the speaker is an NDC member, he no longer represents the party.

“He is the third gentleman of the land so must be accorded the needed respect. If someone is attacking the speaker, we must all rise and defend him and the institution of parliament. That is what it must be,” he said.

The Majority leader is alleged to have said that Sammy Gyamfi’s actions which include allegations of bribery on the part of the NDC amount to scandalizing the legislative arm of government.

“This is not the first time he is doing that. He once criticised me, but I decided to let go and no minority member said anything. He has crossed the line. From the little I have read, he is making bribery allegations against the MPs which is not true. If you look at it from that angle, he has scandalized parliament. Again the Speaker angle is different. The leaders will meet and discuss how to deal with him. If we are to haul him before the house, we will. If we want to treat it as an internal party matter, we will, “ he said.

The regional communication officers of the NDC in a press release copied to Word Fm, said they are surprise at the sudden likeness and show of concern for the Right Honourable speaker of parliament by the majority leader who fought tooth and nail to have his preferred candidate elected as speaker of parliament.

“The climax of our bewilderment at the Majority group leader’s outburst is in his hypocritical turn of pretending to show respect and camaraderie for the much Respected Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament. It is trite knowledge that, the night of 6th January, 2021 and early hours of 7th January, 2021 saw Hon. Kyei Mensah betray his long standing friendship with the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, by fighting feverishly to ensure that, Rt. Hon. ASK Bagbin never ascended the throne as Speaker. Though he wielded much experience in parliamentary affairs and exuded more competence than his sole contender, Hon Kyei Mensah preferred imposing President Akufo Addo’s poodle over parliament in lieu of the Venerable Rt. Hon. ASK Bagbin.”

The NDC minority members in parliament have also been cautioned to be very careful with the majority leader who will use all means to fun into flames sparkles of fire in the NDC for their own whims and caprices. The group said the majority leader’s sudden show of concern and respect in the allegations leveled against the minority leadership is a calculated ploy aimed at exacerbating discontent within the rank and file of the NDC.

Sammy Gyamfi- NDC Nat. Comm. Officer

“As lead voices of the legion of communicators in all the sixteen Regions, we wish to humbly notify our Revered Parliamentary Caucus, particularly the leadership of the NDC front to be wary of ‘Ahithophels ’ like the Hon. MP for Suame who in their treachery, will wish to fun into flames sparkles of fire in the NDC for their own whims and caprices. We are of the firm conviction that, the majority group leader’s disposition of crying more than the bereaved in this matter is a calculated ploy aimed at exacerbating discontent within the rank and file of the NDC. It is not out of place for one to wonder why Hon Kyei Mensah Bonsu is so much interested in resurrecting a matter that is being carefully managed by the NDC’s most respected Council of Elders and all concerned parties.”

They want the majority leader and leader of government business in parliament to concern himself with the events that characterised the selection of the speaker on the night of 6th January,2021 and leave “our erudite and peerless leader – Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi (National Communications Officer of the NDC.)”

“If Kyei Mensah Bonsu is concerned about what appears to be the deteriorating dignity of Parliament, he should start by causing a probe into the military invasion of the chamber of Parliament on the night of 6th January and the circumstances of ballot snatching by Carlos Ahenkora during the speakership election instead of wasting time on matters that don’t undermine the image and dignity of Parliament in any way.”

By Simon Agana/

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