Arm Robbery: Mob Beat 2 Robbers to Death

Two arm robbers have been beaten to death in Yelwongo, a community in Burkina Faso that share bother with Ghana from the Kasena Nankana west district.
The two arm robbers attempted stealing a motorbike from a rider in the late hours of Sunday, 7th February,2020 at Yelwongo. Luck however eluded the two robbers after the victim cried out for help.

The young men in the community came out in their numbers with their motor bikes and chassed the robbers till their arrest.

The two robbers, one from Yua-Taribisi in the Kasena Nankana Municipal in the Upper East Region of Ghana and one from Nimborongo in Burkina Faso, were given severe beatings and hit with various objects until they gave out their ghost.
Information available to Word Fm indicates that the young man from Nimborongo in Burkina Faso only returned to the area from a galamsey site in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Arm robbery in the Upper East region has been a serious worry to many who are constantly worried about the safety of their properties and lives.

Recent robbery attacks on tomoto drivers and traders forced the drivers to demonstrate in the Upper East Region and subsequently embark on a sit down strike until government taker the necessary steps to assure them of their security. Agana

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