Wearing ‘Dansika’, ‘Fugu’ or Batakari is mandatory for all government officials in Burikina Faso – Sia Zoubie

Saama Naba Sia Double Patrice from Burikina Faso

Wearing of locally designed attire commonly referred to as Dansika, Fugu or Batakari in the francophone country of Burikina Faso for all government workers is said to be compulsory.

At the maiden edition of the Dansika, Fugu and Batakari festival in Bolgatanga, Saama Naba for Boulga in Burikina Faso, Naba Sia Zoubie Patrice indicated that there exists a law which is mandate all government workers as well as chiefs in Burikina Faso to wear the dansika, Fugu or Batakari to work and any worker who fails to comply could be sacked.

“when president Thomas Sankara became the president , we implemented a law that if you are a government worker and you don’t wear the Dansika, Fugu, or Batakari you will be sacked because the fabric is highly respected and recognized as a national asset .
The current president, Ibrahim Traore have also made it mandatory for every citizen in the country to wear the Dansika, Fugu, Batakari fabric”.

Naba zoubie added that the law is being implemented to support and promote the producers of the cloth by putting money into the hands of their people as well as boosting the economy of their country.

Saama Naba noted that former president, Jerry John Rawlings, promoted same during his regime. He help to promote the fugu Dansika or Batakari by wearing the fabrics which made the former president of Burikina Faso Thomas Sankara to adopt similar strategy for the president of Burikina Faso to wear the Dansika, Fugu or Batakari.

Source: mywordfmonline.com/ Gaspard Ayuureneeya

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