Bolgatanga East: I’ve drilled 10 boreholes at the cost of GH₵250,000— Dominic Ayine

Dr Dominic Akuritinga Ayine Mp Bolgatanga East Constituency.

The Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga East constituency in the Upper East Region, Dr. Dominic Akuritinga Ayine has disclosed that he has handed over 10 boreholes to his constituents at the cost of two hundred and fifty thousands Ghana cedis.

Addressing the media at Yarigabiisi, a suburb of the constituency, the lawmaker noted that each borehole costed twenty five thousand Ghana. He indicated that cost of the ten boreholes were born out of his own initiative with some support from business friends who wants to remain anonymous in their contributions to the realization of the ten boreholes.

“This time, I have done ten boreholes in all costing two hundred fifty thousand Ghana cedis, one borehole cost about twenty five thousand, this is my own initiative that was been undertaken with the help of some business friends of mine who wants to remain anonymous and so we are handing them over to each community, yesterday we handed over three boreholes to the communities in Dubila as well as Kuka community and then also Asonge community and so its a process that I have started with this visit to hand over the ten boreholes to ten communities”

He chastised the NPP government for skimming through the district chief executive for the Bolgatanga East district to deliberately sit on his common funds to make him unpopular in the constituency. For him, releasing his share of the common fund means more developmental projects will be embarked, something, he asserted the New Patriotic Party isn’t comfortable.

He alleged that his initial comment three months ago about the release of his common fund which was tied up but was on released during the past DCE David Akolgo Amoah led to his removal from office.

“I know there are difficulties in the country, my common fund has been tied up partly as a result of what I said about the released of common fund when I commissioned two boreholes about two or three months ago, it resulted in the removal of the DCE(David Amoah)because he was perceived as helping me to in order to maintain the seat but with the help of my friends and my own little resources we have been able provided ten more boreholes and in terms of the total number of boreholes that I have sung in this constituency since I became an MP we are now looking at 83 boreholes for 83 communities ,so in all the electoral areas in Bolgatanga East constituency we have almost exceeded the population borehole ratio by the United Nations Organization”.

He added that government through the Northern Development Authority drilled boreholes during the 2020 election, but have not been able to fixed the boreholes and new DCE has been appointed to deliberately sit on his common fund to make him unpopular in the constituency.

Dr Dominic Ayine also noted that the New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate cannot put pressure on him to bring development because he has been a development oriented person before the Silas Mathew Amoah joined active politics.

Source: Ayuureeneeya.

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