Gingabnia: An Artificial Island Where Students Enjoy Artificial Holidays During Rains.

The Sustainable Development Goal 4 stipulates that countries that have signed to the SDGs of which Ghana is inclusive will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Also, goal 3 stipulates that the 193 member countries of the United Nations will ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

The Gingabnia community in the Kasena Nankana East District of the Upper East Region seems to have been forgotten by government as its children enjoy an artificial holiday anytime it rais and the rivers get full while others risk and struggle to cross over to Doba to access education and health care.

Located in between Doba and Kulogo, the community is surrounded by two major reasons: Anebole and Agurimiloko rivers, which usually get full during the raining season making it impossible for students and community members to cross to Doba which is the closest community to access health care and education. The Community becomes an artificial Island during the raining season.

The community has only one primary school which serves the children of the whole community but even that, the Kindergarten one and two sit under two separate trees as their classrooms under blocks and few plastic chairs to have their studies. They have no Junior High School where studenst can transition to after completing primary six. This forces the Primary graduates to cross over to Doba to access JHS education.

A Community-Based Health Planing and Service’s facility which was being constructed to serve the health needs of the community has been abandoned, forcing the health service to establish an out station in the abandoned facility where community members go to seek basic health care during the day. During the night, sick persons would have to take a long route through Navrong Senior High School to the War Memorial Hospital or risk and cross the river to Doba which is closer. Those who cannot do either of the two resort to local treatment or self medication.

During a visit to the community by the host of the Community Watch Show on Word FM, Mr. Simon Agana Blessing to get first hand information about the plight of the community after several complaints, the community members who interacted with him expressed their displeasure at the failure of government to construct a bridge over one of the rivers.

Hard Worker, a member of the community said the government has failed to construct a bridge over the rivers after several complaints.

“Look, we have complained to the assembly severally but they seems not to care, maybe because they don’t go through what we go through. Whenever it rains our children enjoy a holiday because no parent will allow his child to cross that river. Pregnant women deliver in the house because they cannot go the long distance to Navrongo. We are just left like that. No one is thinking about us.”

Another Woman said the situation has affected those who trade. ” When it rains you can’t go to the market unless you go round through Kulogo and it’s far. It is really affecting us. Government should attend to us. We need a bridge over the river.”

“Most of out teachers stay around Doba and Navrongo and this is the shortest route to the school but because of the river, when they get here and they cannot cross;they have to turn again and go all the way through Nvasco to come to school. Sometimes they get to school late and you cannot blame them”

By: Simon Agana Blessing/

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