Ghana Does Not Need More than 20 Ministers, over 100 Ministers is Part of the Wastage.

Government has been criticised for running a bloted government with unnecessary ministries which are all contributing to the wastage of the scarce resources of the country.

Mr. Yen Nyenya, a member of the Social Justice Movement, in an interview on the Word Community Watch Show, said government can run the country more effectively with a lean number of appointees instead of the over 100 ministers that is currently been used to run the country.

“We don’t need over 100 ministers to run this country. We can run this country more effectively with just 20 ministers. Why do we a small country have over 100 ministers? What are they doing?”

Mr. Yen said the current economic woes of the country is self inflicted because of governments poor economic decisions.

“We are in this hard times because of governments poor economic decisions that it takes. We want to waste at the least opportunity. “

He added that the hardship in the country is overwhelming and could trigger a lot of reactions which could lead to unfortunate situations in the country.

“The hardship now is overwhelming. It can trigger very unfortunate reactions especially from the youth of the country. Those with salary are basically on survival mode and some are not even able to survive on their income.”

“The situation is so dire that people could start entertainment suicidal ideation. Many cannot survive.”

Mr. Yen Nyeya was reacting to the increase in lorry fares by 20% and the proposal by the ECG and GWC for tariff increase of 148% and 135% respectively.

By: Simon Agana Blessing/

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